Diabetes and Covid 19

23 Apr 2020

Click here to view NZ Diabetes COVID special research review

Click here to view COVID-19 Diabetes Ocupational Risk Assessment

Click here to view COVID-19 advice alert level 3

These three separate flyers contain information and recommendations relating to Covid 19 and people with diabetes. The following are the highlights.

  • Diabetes vulnerability - people with diabetes are not more likely to contract Covid 19 but are likely to experience worse symptoms and higher mortality especially if they have poor control, comorbidities, obesity or high blood pressure.
  • Recommendations of who (with diabetes) is safe to return to work in health care settings – some guidance.
  • Recommendations in the use of ACE and ARB’s are to continue them but if starting someone on a new antihypertensive medication chose something else if possible.
  • Children with diabetes and schooling, it is just as safe as other children providing the diabetes is relatively well controlled.


And a few quick tips from me – have you checked the expiry date on your ketone strips in the clinic, and have you got some sick day management guides on hand in case you do need them for patients.


Noho ora mai,



Suzanne Moorhouse

Diabetes Nurse Hauraki PHO


Ph: 0276086978