Update from Anglesea Clinic Urgent Care

17 Apr 2020

Kia ora koutou

I hope you are keeping yourselves and your whanau safe during this tumultuous time.

A quick update to you all from us here at Anglesea:

  • We are open for business and are here to support the GPs after hours
    • Fracture clinics are still operational – despite the low volumes
  • We are also supporting CBAC clinics using some of our staff Dr’s
  • The business has changed – as you are all aware, moving away from FTF visits. We are adapting to this by providing Covid 19 lab result follow-up (specifically for “no-GP listed” patients in addition to our swabbing/assessments)

Like you all, we are concerned about the community’s health and wellbeing and ensuring access to services. When patients do finally come in, they seem to have left it to the “last minute” with their health deteriorating.

Hopefully the situation improves for everyone.

If there is any assistance we can provide you, please let me know.

Kia kaha