HiNZ-Nursing Informatics Group - Invitation to contribute to new book

21 Aug 2020

Invitation to nurse information specialists to submit chapter for new book 


Three leading academics are currently developing a new book 'The Specialist Digital Health Workforce now and in the future'. This book examines the specialised workforce responsible for the development and management of health information systems, technology, and processes. We are writing to you on their behalf to invite you to contribute a chapter to this book.
The aim of this book is to make the specialist digital health workforce visible, and to describe its place in healthcare organisations. In this book they will use three conceptual lenses to characterise and explore the workforce in terms of:

  • Identity. Who is this workforce, what do they do, what training do they need, what are the implications of having them in the health and care workforce?
  • Impact. What is the impact of the work done by the workforce, how is it measured (or not), and what could be the impact of a deliberately organised and supported specialise digital health workers?
  • Innovation. What does the workforce contribute to innovation in health and care planning, delivery and evaluation, and how is it undergoing  transformational change as the health system evolves?

The book will include foundational scholarly chapters and will also present an array of current case studies of the workforce, exploring real-world roles, challenges, changes and achievements.
In defining the chapters for this book, they identified the need for a chapter related to Case study: working as a nurse information specialist.
With the case study chapters, they encourage authors to submit a range of case studies of people working in those types of roles to show career pathways and role types. Most authors have found it easier to get 5 or so co-authors who each write 500 word sections about their own journey, with the lead author bookending these with an overview of public health informatics and the workforce, and the future of work/roles in this area. This chapter should be 3,500-5,000 words in length (in total).
Karen Day is the lead author for this chapter, so please submit your story to her at k.day@auckland.ac.nz. Karen and her team of editors will work together to complete the chapter, according to your ability to devote a little extra time to finalising the chapter.
The book is being published through Springer, who provide several resources to assist authors with writing their chapters.
This chapter is due on 31 August, but given the Covid19-related disruption and that you are only just receiving this now, they are extending this due date to 14 September. Once received, your chapter will be sent to a group of expert reviewers (and in turn you may be invited to review another chapter). You will receive feedback and an opportunity to revise your chapter within the following three months. They aim to launch the book at MedInfo 2021 in Sydney.
Whilst this book does not offer royalties or any other financial compensation, your chapter will contribute to the first ever book dedicated to the topic of the specialised digital health workforce. They are sure you will agree, this important workforce will be shaping the future of digital health, and this book will be the first step in recognising their identity, impact and innovation.
Please let Karen Day know asap if you are available and amenable to writing a book chapter for this important book.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Kerryn Butler-Henderson, University of Tasmania
Email - Kerryn.Butlerhenderson@utas.edu.au

Karen Day, University of Auckland     
Email - K.Day@auckland.ac.nz

Kathleen Gray, University of Melbourne   
Email - KGray@unimelb.edu.au