FundaPen Update - new criteria from 24 February

13 Feb 2020

Last year, Allergy New Zealand and Pub Charity joined forces to make 2,500 FREE EpiPen auto-injector pens available to allergy sufferers at risk of anaphylaxis. We called the initiative ‘FundaPen’.

Because of the limited number of pens available, our initial FundaPen release targeted patients who struggle most with access or cost. 

There has been a fantastic early response from patients and GPs alike. Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation. 

This FundaPen update email is to announce that the initial eligibility restrictions are now being removed.

From Monday 24 February 2020, any allergy patient, doctor-diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis, will be eligible for the FundaPen initiative.

We have attached an invitation to your PHO to communicate this FundaPen update to your members as soon as possible.

(We have separately attached the second page of the invitation as a PDF, so that you can simply attach it in an email to your members, for ease of forwarding and printing).

We hope you can continue to support this ‘game-changer’ for the allergy patients that your members support.


Click here for NZ FundaPen Update

Click here for FundaPen Updated conditions & Process


Kind regards

Allergy Education Coordinator

Allergy New Zealand Inc

PO Box 56117, Dominion Road, Auckland 1446