Online Family Planning Contraception Survey – For health professionals and patients

3 Jun 2020

Family Planning is gathering some information from people about contraception. We’re conducting a survey because we’d like to learn more about the contraception people use including how they get it, if they are using their preferred method and any barriers. We plan to share the results of the survey widely and hope the information will be useful. We’ve posted the survey on our Facebook page ( and on our website ( )

or I have included some text and a link below if that would be easier. Thank you for considering this request. We plan to keep the survey open for about two months.


FB Blurb to share with Patients…

Family Planning Contraception Survey 2020


We want to hear your thoughts about contraception! Do you use it? Where do you get it? Are you using the type you want? Take our quick survey to let us know so we can work to help everyone get the contraception they want, when they need it.


Please share this survey with colleagues, friends and family. The more voices the better.