Diabetes, Heart Disease ACE and Covid 19 - update for practice matters

24 Mar 2020

Diabetes, Heart Disease, ACE and Covid 19. Please see this flyer for a statement from the New Zealand Study for Diabetes.

Prepare for Covid 19.

  • Sick day management is vital – make sure your clinic has ketone strips and consider access to rapid acting insulin if you need it particularly if the person has type 1 diabetes.
  • Everyone needs to have at least one month supply of their diabetes meds.
  • Ensure as many as possible receive the funded flu immunisation.
  • While there is no evidence at present to remove people from their current ACE inhibitors or ARBS, it is not recommended to start these medications for renal protection. Use a different antihypertensive in the interim.


The golden rules of sick day management for your whānau with diabetes.

  1. Testing regularly (ensure people have sufficient test strips). I have a small supply of extra meters.
  2. Keep taking their regular medications unless blood glucose levels are too low – insulin and oral medication may need adjustment. Metformin may need stopping particularly if gastric symptoms. People with Type 1 diabetes cannot stop their insulin.
  3. Stay hydrated – drink non sweetened fluids (if not eating and type 1 diabetes – they will need sweetened fluids to replace usual CHO intake)
  4. Let whānau members know if they are sick so they can provide support as needed.
  5. Phone me if you have any questions or concerns. I am happy if you give my number to patients who want some more information about their diabetes or the effect of Covid 19.


Click here for flyer


Suzanne Moorhouse

Diabetes Nurse Hauraki PHO