IMPORTANT: COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) resources and update

5 Mar 2020


Please ensure the COVID-19 posters are displayed prominently at the entrance to your clinic. As large as possible in colour is best. If you need any assistance printing posters please contact Practice Support.



The Ministry of Health website has detailed COVID-19 coronavirus resources for health professionals on their website.


This includes:

  • The current case definition
  • Advice around how to identify and investigate any COVID-19 cases as well as how to apply appropriate contract tracing and infection control measures
  • Primary care quick reference guide
  • Primary care triage checklist form
  • Advice around managing suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in primary care
  • Q&A for primary health care workers


Please familiarise yourself with these resource, being aware that they may update as the situation develops.


Personal Protection Equipment

If any practices are unable to source PPE from suppliers please contact Hauraki PHO Clinical Director Martin Mikare , indicating current stock levels and requirements. Hauraki PHO will be asking practices for a weekly stocktake of PPE to ensure we are to support those who are running low.  

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