The Abortion Law Legislation Bill - March 2020 Update

5 Mar 2020

Tēna koe,

The Abortion Legislation Bill had its Second Reading yesterday and was voted through. It now moves to the Committee of whole House before a Third Reading will take place. The timing of the Third Reading and possible enactment will depend on the amount of time Parliament needs to debate the Bill.

The Select Committee’s report and the revised draft Bill is available at

It’s important the health sector, including the Ministry, doesn’t pre-empt the Bill’s progress, but we also need to make sure we are prepared to enact the legislation if it passes. A sector working group has been assisting with implementation planning.  

The Ministry will have information available for consumers and health professionals if the Bill passes. We will notify you where to find this information via this email channel if the Bill passes. We cannot provide this information in advance as any changes to the Bill will mean that the information will need to be updated, and if the Bill does not pass, the information will not be correct.

Ngâ mihi

The Abortion Law Reform Team