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7 May 2020

Kia ora koutou,                                                                                                                                

The Waikato District Health Board is providing a limited pool of funding for the administration of Non-Acute Iron Infusion Therapy in the primary care setting. The funding expires on June 30, 2020 and provides for secondary care referred iron infusions to general practice by clinicians. Hauraki PHO is eligible for a total of 47 treatments.

Patients who are referred to this service will meet with special authority criteria and will fall into these groups:

  • Patients referred by a Waikato DHB SMO for pre-operative iron infusions
  • Patients referred from SMOs as further pathways are approved


  • People who are not eligible for NZ Public Health Services
  • Patients who are not referred from a SMO
  • Patients not enrolled in a Waikato general practice
  • Out of district patients
  • Patients being treated/funded by ACC

Service Requirements:

  • The patient’s general practice can deliver the infusion within required time frames
  • If time frames cannot be met due to schedule or capacity, the patient will receive the infusion at WDHB or an alternative primary care facility
  • Under no circumstances, should a patient be managed in primary care if the treatment/infusion is beyond the service provider’s capability and compromises patient safety

Exit Criteria:

  • The patient exits the iron infusion programme once the care is completed
  • Care would usually be completed within 1-2 months prior to surgery date; the practice is asked to complete iron infusion within 10 days of referral
  • On completion of infusion, the practice will claim an administration fee through Hauraki PHO of $121.49 (excluding gst) and complete the clinical outcome information in order to receive payment
  • The advanced form to submit the claim is attached to this email, and is also available on our website.
  • The name of the hospital referrer (SMO) requesting iron infusion must be stated in the information provided or the claim will be declined

Quality workforce requirements:

  • General practice must have at least one clinical staff member available who is competent in IV cannulation

Please find attached;

  1. Advanced Form for Secondary Referred Iron Infusion
  2. Instructions for import and setup of Advanced form
  3. Flowchart


If you have any questions please contact practice support.


Ngā Mihi

Practice Support Team