Update on National Measles Promotional Campaign and materials [HPA-HPA

30 Sep 2020

Large numbers of 15 to 30 year-olds are not immunised against measles. This puts them at increased risk of catching and spreading measles during future outbreaks. To help address this, a National Measles Promotional Campaign is being developed to support the DHB-led campaign to strengthen New Zealand’s immunisation system, which will run through to August 2021.

The national promotional campaign is being rolled out in three waves. The first wave (currently live) aims to build momentum by seeding conversations about measles using social influencers, who will give the campaign context. The second wave (from 11 October) will go live with awareness channels (social media, search and radio). The third wave ( from the end of the October), will introduce mass reach channels (eg, including online video, outdoor, and Broadcast TV, post the Christmas and summer break).

To help spread the word, resources and campaign print artwork files such as brand guidelines, campaign logos and lock-ups, promotional venue posters and website banners will be available on Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency’s website here for health providers, community organisations and others to use to promote the campaign in their local communities. More content will be added to the resource page during the course of the campaign so please check back.

The campaign url, protectagainstmeasles.org.nz  links to the Ministry of Health website and is a trusted source of information about measles and how to protect against it. Audience specific resources will be made available as they are ready – these include a downloadable ‘Measles Information Factsheet’ (available now, translated versions due in October) and video content (due this week).