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Health coach certificate information

Expressions of interest (EOI) for Wintec Health Coach certificate


Wintec are seeking EOIs from staff who wish to gain knowledge and beginner level skills to support a health coach/navigation role, or additional function to an existing role.  This course has been initially scoped with the primary care assistant(PCA) role in mind, where there is already a working relationship with the clinical team and where person centred health plans are in place or are planned. This course will also suit other team members who are supporting person centred goals. The skills gained in this course will enable a team member to walk alongside those  clients/ patients who have set health goals but require another layer of support. 

This course is predominantly an online six week course, with two spaced workshop days. The cost is to be confirmed but will likely be under $500 at this stage. The EoI process is to identify workshop numbers and frequency for 2020. For any enquiries about this course, to register your EOI, or to enquire about the PCA role, contact insert your name and title here


This link is to  a Counties Manukau presentation-they have introduced a health coach role. Just watch it for the principles and themes and it will give you a good idea of the possibilities. Probably just fyi as im not sure if I have permission for it to be shared wider than us. its 15mins long


this is the extra info I am sending out when I get a further query, or can talk to this in a phone enquiry:

The main idea for the course is to provide another layer of support for pts wanting to make changes in their lives, could be around smoking cessation, could be healthy eating, could be attending to some social and lifestyle issues that are impacting on a person’s wellbeing and they have decided to make some changes.

The course will be designed to teach the participant skills around motivational interviewing, cultural considerations, goal setting and confidence, coaching, boundaries, community supports, health literacy and others

It should allow a staff member to support  the pt to self -manage meeting their goals, but be there as and when they might need a bit of coaching to continue


It ideally sits in partnership with nurses who are doing health planning for pts- so for  in particular, this health coach ability/skill could help the nurse out with managing some of the pts who need another layer of support that does not require a nurse’s clinical skills


The course will be mostly online with 2 face to face days where a bit of workshopping will occur and practical skills will be developed. They have said the course will be under $500

This skill can be a function of an existing role, or as standalone roles. It can be a course for anyone in the practice team

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