Pathlab Electronic Orders

3 Apr 2019

Message from Keith Walmsley – Project Administrator/Phlebotomist -  Pathlab

After lengthy discussions with our software support team, along with numerous attempts to discover what is causing this issue of the initial form not printing when multiple forms are required, a decision has been made to change the printing process from having multiple forms printing for bloods, urines and other microbiology specimens, one form for all. 

For the time being, all users will note a difference in the printing process whereby only one form will print for all tests requested for the patient.

This should not have a noticeable effect of how the practice creates the form and patients will not see any difference in what is required of them.

We have informed our staff of the changes and they will be making an alteration to the way in which they process the patients form when they front up at one of our collection rooms, or the specimen and form arrive at the laboratory.

We see this as an interim measure, until a solution can be found for the current printing issues.

I thank you for your patience with this on-going issue and will keep you post of any progress made in resolving this.