Revalidation of NHI’s

11 Apr 2019

Some practices have experienced a large increase in patients that require revalidation of their NHI’s and when investigating these patients no changes are noticeable in the NHI compare screen. This issue has been raised with the Ministry of Health and Waikato DHB who have advised it is a combination of issues relating to the DHB ‘changing the patients address from one version of the same validated address to another version of the same validated address’ and Medtech picking this up as a change to the address and flagging this as requiring revalidation. Waikato DHB are looking into this issue and the Ministry of Health have requested Medtech remove this flag to stop this issue occurring. In the meantime we recommend you manage this by revalidating only when the patient presents at the practice or when running a query builder to find patients with unvalidated NHI’s don’t include the condition ‘revalidation required-changes in the NES’ as per the screen shot below