MoH (Data & Compliance) 2018 Data Match

29 Jan 2019

On 22 January 2019 the NES Governance Group provided information to PHOs as follows:

The NES Governance Group has now received progress reports from PMS vendors and has agreed to a revised start date of 1 April 2019.

Deferment to 1 April 2019 has the following advantages:

  •    1 April 2019 is the start of a CBF payment quarter so cutting over from one payment system to another at the start of a cycle is simpler.
  •    PMS vendors have an additional window of up to eight weeks to complete internal and beta testing, reducing the risk of bugs appearing in their production release.
  •    The sector will have more time to adopt the software updates released by vendors, rather than again being under time pressure.

February 2019 CBF register submissions for Quarter Two 2019 (due 28 February 2019) should continue as usual. The registers will be retained as a backup source of enrolment data during Quarter Two 2019 should anything unexpected happen during the transition to the NES.

I previously advised that member practices will need to disenrol their ineligible patient prior to the end of February 2019.

As practices generally submit their registers to the PHOs by the 15th of the month the disenrolment will need to be completed prior to 15 February 2019.