Quality Target Update

6 Jun 2019

Data Quality Issues with BPI

The introduction of the National Enrolment Service (NES) has impacted Best Practice Intelligence (BPI) reporting due to a change in the unique ID used. This was unexpected and BPAC are currently working towards fixing this. This work is taking longer that expected but we are told that it is now nearing completion. However, reports for some practices may still be incorrect at this stage. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. To assist in the pursuit of reaching Quarter 4’s quality targets we encourage practices with unreliable BPI data to utilise other resources provided such as those listed below:

KARO spreadsheets: These spreadsheets provide patient lists for targets such as Smoking Brief Advice, Cardiovascular Risk Assessments and Cervical Screening. Updated sheets based on the most recent Clinical Event Export should be available within the next few days.

Dr Info: A number of audit lists are available to help practices identify overdue patients


Ensuring quality moving forward

Such data quality issues were a contributing factor in Hauraki PHO’s decision to roll out the Analytique extractor and Thalamus reporting portal. This will enable the provision of quality, consistent up-to-date reporting to practices. It will also provide flexibility around the reports we are able to deliver – e.g. Māori achievement levels will shown. Draft reports are planned to be available to practices within the Thalamus portal from 1 July 2019 and will run in parallel with the BPI reports until 30 September as we co-design the new reports with feedback from practices and iron out any unforeseen issues.


Quarterly Target Population under NES

The move to a monthly funded population has raised the question around which patients count towards the quarterly target. The Ministry of Health’s NES Transition Working Group has decided that performance reporting will be based on the final month’s enrolled population of the quarter. I.e:

  • Apr – Jun quarter will use June 1 NES monthly register
  • Jul – Sep quarter will use Sep 1 NES monthly register

To conclude, we envisage a resolution to the BPI data quality issues shortly, and Quality Target payments will continue to be based on these until the new system is in place.

In the meantime, if practices have any concerns at all with the data in their reports, please don’t hesitate to contact practicesupport@haurakipho.org.nz

We acknowledge that this is a busy time of year for practices, and with the added uncertainty around the direction of the PHO, quality targets may have dropped down the list of priorities. However, in spite of these difficulties we encourage practices to strive to ensure all patients receive these important interventions.

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