13 Mar 2019

As you are aware NES is nearly upon us.

With this in mind we wanted to give you an update on where we (Karo) are at as well as answer some FAQ’s that have been coming in from PHOs/Practices.


Karo has had to re write our entire software to incorporate the NES changes. This has been difficult as you can imagine, mainly due to changes in the files we have been receiving from the MoH. We have been working closely with the MoH and are able to report that this month we had a nearly exact match between the patient register and the payment files received.

We are currently finalising PHO & Practice level reports and we will have sample ones to you next week.

Some FAQs recently:
Please also refer to PowerPoint presentation below (emailed to practices Friday 8 March)  that may answer some FAQs

Q:            Reports: When will we get these and will they be the same as before?

A:            As mentioned above, sample/test reports will be available soon. For business as usual from April we aim to get these out in the first-second week of every month, please note that   this process will rely on the MoH getting us the files in a timely manner the 1-2nd day of the month.

The PHO will receive: PHO Register analysis which will also include FFS information – the old Register Analysis and FFS reports will be combined into this new Register Analysis

Practices will receive:         Practice Register analysis which will also include FFS information – the old Register Analysis and FFS reports will be combined into this new Register Analysis.

Practice Updates Spreadsheets – similar to the ‘old’ one, which will have patients terminated for the month, patients about to be terminated etc  

Q:            Provider/Facility Breakdown: How will this be updated in NES and therefore available in reports?

A:            When the PMS vendors release their ‘NES’ version that this information will be pushed into NES automatically – however at this stage this isn’t tested.

Q:            Practice Audits: Will these be available?

A:            These will not be available for the next quarter at least, this is something that we will work on mid year. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Q:            Clinical Reporting – Will this still be the same?

A:            Jan-Mar 19 reporting (due in April) will still be the same as we will be using the ‘old’ system as we are reporting from the Jan-Mar 19 quarter

                Going forward, there will be minor changes to this as we integrate the information with the NES registers

This is the time to advise if you have suggestions for changes to the reports, please get them to me in the next month to collate and then we will ‘discuss’ when we are developing the reports


  • We know that you are all wondering when the PMS NES versions will be released, this is with the MoH hands, make sure attend the teleconference and stay on top of the information that is communicated.

Click here for PowerPoint presentation