Update from MOH for a decline of Immunisations

16 May 2019

Please note some Practice’s are still sending out decline forms to be signed by parents. This is not recommended by the MOH and has been brought to my attention by the DHB.

  • It is appropriate to record a child as a decline on the NIR when an appropriate conversation has taken place with the parent/caregiver and they wish to decline.
  • Where parents/caregivers indicate that they want to delay vaccines, this should not be recorded as a decline.
  • When a decline is recorded, it should only be recorded for the single vaccine event in question.
  • It is not good practice to decline future vaccine events.
  • Asking parents/caregivers to sign a decline form is not a useful tool to reduce decline rates, and may increase declines rates because it "closes the conversation".
  • The Ministry is requesting that decline forms are not used.
  • The  Ministry supports an "open door" policy to encourage parents/caregivers who have declined or deferred immunisations to re-engage and catch up on immunisations at any time.
  • We recommend that providers record the reasons for decline so that strategies to address the needs of your local population can be developed.