Updated information for health professionals working in primary care - requesting an ambulance response from St John

30 May 2019

As you may recall from April last year, St John has enhanced the way it manages ambulance requests from health professionals in primary care.


Please find attached updated information for healthcare personnel within general practice to use when requesting an ambulance response from St John. If you would disseminate this information to your practices it would be greatly appreciated. Hard copies of these materials will also be sent to each PHO over the coming weeks, with enough copies for each of your general practices. If additional copies of any materials are required, please advise your team to get in touch.


The key messages are:

-          All requests for an ambulance response from healthcare personnel should be made via the St John health professionals’ line (0800 262 665) 24/7 and not 111. The 0800 number contains an interactive menu to ensure that calls for patients whose condition is immediately life-threatening receive high priority.

-          Whenever possible, a clinically trained person (such as a nurse or doctor) should phone the ambulance.

-          During periods of peak demand, calls from healthcare personnel via the 0800 number will be taken by one of our clinical personnel (paramedics) to enable a clinician-to-clinician discussion to ensure an appropriate priority of response to each call.


Click here for Primary care ambulance request template

Click here for Requesting an ambulance - Update for primary healthcare staff

Click here for Requsting an ambulance - A4 poster