DARs Funding

30 Oct 2019

Funding for the diabetes annual review is changing. Read here for further information:


The Diabetes Annual Review (DAR) remains the fundamental screening tool to identify whānau that require additional support with their diabetes. This is a key element in our care for whānau managing their progressive long term condition. We will continue to report on this to the DHB and MOH along with Cardiovascular Risk Assessment (CVRA) data.


The income for the DAR ceased over 12 months ago and we can no longer sustain this payment. I have talked to most practices directly, and sent an email outlining the changes on 21st October 2019.  


The current payment for completed DAR ceases on 30.10.19


Replacing this will be an extended consult for people with newly diagnosed diabetes.


While our DAR numbers overall have improved over the last year, the outcomes for people (namely the Hba1c) has deteriorated for us as a PHO.  We currently have 385 people in our practices that have an HbA1c over 80 and while the reasons for this are complex, there are some key elements that we can improve on. While we all work to provide excellent lifestyle information, I will provide each practice information on which of their patients have a very high A1c. Along with this will be a brief guide to pharmaceutical management of type 2 diabetes in general practice. Ensuring that whānau with very elevated HbA1c are on the maximum relevant oral medication and if necessary a therapeutic dose of both basal and prandial insulin is a specific step we can take to improve the health of our people. I have an audit tool available to those who would like to do this for their own patients. Alternatively I am available to audit notes against best practice prescribing for anyone that would prefer.


I will provide any support required to practices to ensure that an excellent standard of education, lifestyle management and clinical intervention is available to all our whānau. Please contact me with any questions and my contact details are:



Diabetes nurse