MMR update from DHB

4 Oct 2019

Well….the MOH fax unfortunately didn’t eventuate  - the message has been put on hold temporarily.  Sorry about that, totally out of my hands!  What I can tell you however is that the number of vaccines that will be distributed to Waikato DHB for allocation has been increased.  Good news.  Previously we had 240 vaccines to allocate every fortnight – this number will now increase significantly (up to 900 per week) the week of 21Oct and 28Oct then reduce slowly back down each week till end of Dec. 

We have sent out 240 vaccines (yesterday) to practices most at need (running out) but now have another 160 vaccines to distribute next week, 200 the week after, 900 the following week. 

We will ensure that all practices that are running low are replenished – keep us updated on a weekly basis (Thursday by 1500) of your stock levels and stock requirements going forward.  This increased level of vaccine availability will allow practices to more effectively target the MOH priority groups.  Now is definitely the time to get innovative and make sure the priority groups (see MOH website) are more actively recalled/ targeted/ offered vaccination.

Please note also, the most recent update from the Public Health Unit re new cases in Waikato region: