RECALL: ranitidine 50mg per 2ml injection (Zantac)

4 Oct 2019

Dear all

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has made the decision to voluntarily recall their intravenous ranitidine product globally, and this has been supported by Medsafe.  This is because of the detection of NDMA (nitrosamine) in ranitidine products. There is a small risk that NMDA may cause cancer if taken long term, however no known immediate health risk is  associated with ranitidine medication. At this stage the recall is only for the injection and doesn’t include oral preparations.


Please note that the notification by Medsafe pertains to “ranitidine”, and not a particular brand. Information is available on the Medsafe website (which is likely to be updated later this week): .


In the meantime please consider whether oral ranitidine is suitable or you need to prescribe intravenous omeprazole instead.