Dementia Stocktake

25 Sep 2019

To GPs and Practice Nurses

Attached is a link to a survey for the regional stocktake of dementia activities that our DHB is contributing to for the Ministry of Health.

The survey is being targeted to nine different groups across our district so that we can get a comprehensive picture of activities underway. This includes HOP Portfolio Managers, general practice, Health of Older People teams, Public Hospital, aged residential care, hospice and NGOs. We would greatly appreciate it if you could complete this survey as someone who works within Primary Care.

The survey is organised around the elements in the New Zealand Framework for Dementia Care. The Framework can be found here (

Your survey response will be collated and analysed with other responses from across our district by HealthShare. A regional response will then be provided to the Ministry of Health by the end of the year.

I encourage you to complete the survey as honestly and accurately as you can. It will provide valuable information for our district, helping us to understand what is currently underway and to identify future priorities for dementia services. We will also use the information to provide input into identifying regional level priorities, which the Ministry has asked us to contribute to.

The Ministry has provided further information on the purpose of the stocktake in the introduction to the survey in the link, which is 

Please complete the survey by Friday, 1 November.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss anything.