Flu Vaccine Information

Immunisation Update May 2020

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Mobile CBAC and Flu Vaccine pānui - 5th April Update


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Changes to Vaccinator Training and Processes - Update 15th April:


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Influenza Vaccination Distribution Update - 30th March 2020:

Kia ora koutou,

The Ministry is working with the health and disability sector to ensure influenza vaccines are distributed equitably across New Zealand, to enable those at greatest risk to get vaccinated as soon as possible.  The next shipments of vaccines are due to arrive in New Zealand this week and should commence distribution from around 6 April 2020.

To reduce the disruption in distribution, the next delivery of vaccines to providers will be Influvac Tetra (Mylan) rather than Afluria Quad (Seqirus). To manage the temporary change in brand, all back orders of Afluria Quad have been cancelled and providers will need to place new orders for Influvac Tetra. There will be a minimum and maximum order quantity of 60 doses to ensure uniform distribution across all providers and maintain availability of supply. We urge you to order responsibly and only for those at greatest risk of influenza.

To streamline processes, back orders for Afluria Quad Junior have also been cancelled. Please place a new order of Afluria Quad Junior with your order for Influvac Tetra and these will be packed and delivered together from 6 April 2020. There is a maximum order in place for Afluria Quad Junior of 20 doses. Only vaccinate eligible funded patients at this stage.

Exceptions to these limits will only be made in rare circumstances.

Pharmacy providers are reminded that they are not authorised to vaccinate children under 13 years of age, so should not place any orders for Afluria Quad Junior. Any pharmacy orders containing Afluria Quad Junior will be cancelled.

All new orders for Influvac Tetra and Afluria Quad Junior should be placed with HCL by COB 2 April 2020. This will allow the Ministry and HCL to check orders for appropriateness without delaying distribution. We are expecting further deliveries of Afluria Quad adult vaccine throughout April and May. Communication will be placed on the HCL website to indicate which brand you should be ordering at any given time.

As part of our response to COVID-19, early influenza vaccine has been made available this year to those at greatest risk of severe illness with influenza - those aged 65 and older, pregnant women, and those with serious health conditions (including respiratory problems, heart problems, and those undergoing cancer treatment) . Within that group, Māori and Pacific immunisation rates have historically been significantly lower than those of the wider population. Additionally, the impact of previous pandemics has fallen disproportionately on Māori and Pacific people - for these reasons we urge providers more than ever to make sure influenza vaccination is made available to the greatest extent to these communities, particularly kuia, koroua and hapū māmā.

Healthcare and other frontline workers are also able to be vaccinated early.  

If you have not already received it, we attach for your information a copy of the advice Keep Calm and Keep Vaccinating.  Information about PPE for healthcare workers is on the Ministry website at https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-novel-coronavirus-information-specific-audiences/covid-19-personal-protective-equipment-essential-workers

Kind regards,

The Immunisation Team
Population Health and Prevention
Ministry of Health