Virtual COVID-19 Assessment $60 claim now available in POAC

24 Apr 2020

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As announced late last week by the Ministry of Health, if a patient is assessed by their GP via telephone or video, is deemed to meet the case definition for COIVID-19 testing, and is then referred to a Community Based Assessment Centre (CBAC) for testing, a $60+GST fee can be claimed via Primary Options Acute Care (POAC). Please include GP notes relating to the assessment within the POAC referral. This is effective from 17th of April.

 CBAC e-referral

When referring a patient to a CBAC for assessment, please use the CBAC e-referral form. This will streamline things for the patient when they arrive at the CBAC, improve the quality of clinical care they receive, and as a result the quality of the information GPs receive when the patient is discharged from the CBAC.  

CBAC Electronic Discharge notification

From today (24th April), when a patient attends a Community Based Assessment Centre (CBAC), both the CBAC assessment form and the Doctor Assessment/Treatment form are sent electronically to the GP within 24 hours.

Currently there are a reasonable number of patients with an unknown GP, so if you suspect your patient has been to a CBAC and you don’t receive a discharge notification please look under “forms” in CWS.

Clinical management of patients post COVID-19 testing

It is recommended that upon receiving the CBAC notification form, the GP practice will make contact with the patient to ensure they have the clinical support they require until a result is known. This is particularly important for high acuity or high risk patients. Upon receiving the lab result, a second contact should be made with the patient, discussing the result and managing their clinical needs as appropriate. It is anticipated that extra funding to support this management of patients post COVID-19 testing will be made available via POAC in the near future.


If you have any questions at all around this, please contact Practice Support


Please enjoy the long weekend, as we remember the ANZACS!


Ngā mihi

Practice Support Team