New mobile app for health workers

26 May 2020


The Ministry of Health has developed a new mobile app so health workers can access COVID-19 information from their device. We will be releasing the app tomorrow.

The emergence of COVID-19 and the response required by people working in the health and disability sector highlighted the need for a tool to provide easy access to the up-to-date information relevant to their area of work. The Ministry developed the app with feedback from people working in the health sector, and by learning from approaches taken in other countries to get information about COVID-19 to health workers. The app lets people quickly filter content so they can find what is relevant to them and it also sends a notification when new or updated content is available. People can also save content in the app to give them quick access to it again later.

We will announce the release of the app on social media and our website tomorrow. We hope you will use it and be able to help us promote its use to your colleagues once it is live. Please feel free to use the messaging in our media release in your channels and to share our social posts.

The app will be available for free from the Google and Apple app stores. The information in the app is publicly available; no registration is required and no personal information is stored.



Nicole Salmon
Communications and Engagement
Office of the Director-General
Ministry of Health