Advance Care Planning

What can advance care planning do for you?

Advance Care Planning is a way to help you think about, talk about and share your thoughts and wishes about your future health care.

It is focused on and involves both you and your health care professionals responsible for your care. It may also involve your whanau/family and/or carers if that is your wish.

Now is the best time to consider taking part in an advance care planning conversation before you become seriously ill. Planning will help you and those around you understandwhat is important to you and what treatment and care you would like.

It gives you the chance to think about and share your preference for end of life care based on:

  • Your personal views and values
  • A better understanding of your current and likely future health, and
  • The treatment and care options available to you.

You can set out what you want or hope for in an advance care plan. You should keep your advance care plan up to date, especially if things change.

The value of an advance care plan is in the conversations and shared understanding.

Recording your choices or wishes is voluntary. It is a good idea and will make it easier for those important to you and your healthcare providers to use this information to decide on what treatment and care you would want if you could not tell them yourself.

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