Diabetes Management

Diabetes Service

Hauraki PHO has approximately 4000 enrolled patients with diabetes. More than twenty percent of whānau have an HbA1c that is over 80. With poorly controlled diabetes leading to a higher risk of long term complications, there is plenty of support that whānau need to stay well.

The Waikato Regional Diabetes Service is only seeing patients with type 1 diabetes, patients who are insulin deficient, on chemotherapy, have established CKD3, have active foot problems, or those who are pregnant. You can contact the clinic regarding any of these matters on 0800 242 228

Whānau with type 2 diabetes are managed in primary health care.

For the Waikato Primary Health Care Diabetes Manual 2019 - Click here

For oral treatment guide and the insulin initiation and titration guidelines that have been written for the Waikato by the collaborative group 2020 – click here

Suzanne Moorhouse is the diabetes nurse for our rohe. Her role is to provide clinical support and education wherever it is required. Any staff questions regarding diabetes management, clinic support and mentoring, education to practices, nurses, GPs, Kaiāwhina, and whānau living with diabetes. You can contact Suzanne on 0276086978, or email her on Suzanne.moorhouse@haurakipho.org.nz

The Wintec level 700 paper and the level 800 paper on negotiation are funded by the PHO to ensure staff are well equipped to deliver robust diabetes care to whānau.

Insulin initiation is claimed through advanced forms.

If you need to start a patient on insulin virtually – please see resources below.


Podiatry Services for Patients with Diabetes

Practices may contract with a local podiatrist and claim for these services using the HPHO Podiatry Advanced Form in Medtech or Evolution.

Patients must be:

  • Eligible to receive publicly funded services and
  • Diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes and high risk foot disease as defined in the Diabetic Foot Screening and Risk Stratification Tool * and
  • Be enrolled with a Hauraki PHO general practice and
  • Be referred by any member of the general practice multidisciplinary team

*New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes 2014. Diabetes Foot Screening and Risk Stratification Tool


CVIVD-19 Update - 12th May 2020

Click here for the document outlining advice from New Zealand Clinical Network for Children and Young People with Diabetes about returning to school during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Diabetes Resources

The Facts on Apidra - Patient Handbook

Patient Video - How to use an insulin pen

Novomix 30 Patient Information booklet

NovoCare Type 2 - Patient booklet when starting Insulin

Insulin/Blood/Glucose Diary - One month result at a glance

How to use your Insulin Pen - Patient Information

How to use SoloStar quick reference guide PowerPoint

How to use a NovoPen 4 - Patient Resource

How to use a Flexipen (disposable) - Patient Resource

HCP Handbook how to start Lantus and titration guide

Galvus and Galvumet patient information booklet

Facts on Lantus 2020 - Patient Handbook

Blood Glucose Tracker - Three days

Blood Glucose Logbook - Patient can electronically write on and send back to practice