Shared Electronic Health Record

Hauraki Primary Health Organisation first launched the Shared Electronic Health Record (SEHR) initiative in December 2016. This programme enables a secure electronic summary of patients health information from their General Practice to be shared with other health professionals who are directly involved in their care

The Shared Electronic Health Record allows authorised health care professionals including afterhours GPs and hospital and emergency department doctors and nurses, access to a summary of information from the patient’s usual doctor, should they need to visit them for care. 

Information that will be available includes:-

  • Patient name, date of birth and contact details
  • A Health Summary which includes test results, medical conditions, allergies and prescribed medications. Consultation notes are also available to the clinician caring for the patient from the date each practice joined the SEHR programme. 

Health professionals will have access to up to date records to help them to provide safe care at any time even if when the patient’s medical practice is closed.  Information is stored securely and all access to a patient’s health information is recorded and checked regularly. The SEHR has been in use in the Waikato and other areas in New Zealand for some time. There are very strict privacy rules in place to ensure access is strictly limited to health professionals that are directly involved in a patient’s care.

It is important to note that patients are entitled to ‘withhold’ parts of their medical record if they wish and/or opt off this programme entirely. Opt off forms are available at each Hauraki PHO practice.

Hauraki PHO has a SEHR Governance Group which meets regularly. The members of that group are: 

  • Deputy CEO (Chair)
  • Clinical Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Consumer Representative
  • GP Representative
  • Practice Nurse Representative
  • Practice Manager Representative
  • Waikato DHB Representative

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